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Progress on brick pavers, waterfall fountain and street signs!

Published: May 20, 2024

* Concrete work (curbs, road base, tree planters) is nearing completion. After this week, the only concrete work remaining will be at the intersection of Baltimore Street and Liberty Street. This intersection will be completed once the contractor for Verizon has finished modifying their concrete vault lid in this location.

* Approximately half of the street trees have been planted. The remaining trees will be planted in the coming weeks.

* Sidewalk pavers are starting to be installed on North Liberty Street. This work will progress rapidly in all directions in the coming weeks. As sidewalk pavers are being installed, there will be interruptions to building entrances. These interruptions should be brief (a few hours), and a minimum of 24-hours advance notice will be given to businesses as the installation approaches.

* Granite tiling is being installed on the spillway of the waterfall feature in the Liberty Street parklet.

* Traffic signs are being installed in various locations around the project. In addition, multiple pedestrian wayfinding signs are currently being manufactured and will be installed in the coming weeks.

* The new traffic signals at the Baltimore Street and Mechanic Street intersection have been programmed and should be operational in a few weeks.

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