CEDC Director Anticipates Summer Start for Baltimore Street Construction

Published: January 4, 2021

Cumberland City officials voted this week to seek bond funding that would include $1 million for the Baltimore Street Redevelopment Project. That project, which has faced numerous delays and hurdles, has yet to be put out for bid. The price tag and groundbreaking dates have been moving targets. When the project was fist discussed several years ago, the price tag was estimated in the $4 to $5 million range- and at one point a spring of 2018 construction start up was being discussed. Officials, who now say the cost could be north of $9.5 million, hope the effort, which includes replacing underground utility lines and reinstalling Baltimore Street through the pedestrian mall, will get underway in the fall. Mayor Ray Morriss said that nearly $7.3 million has been secured so far in federal and state grants for the project, and officials hope to secure more. The $1 million from the bond sale will help to fill the $2.3 million funding gap…

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