Baltimore Street Design Vote

Published: January 25, 2016

The Sage-McCormick study team has been tasked with objectively studying four strategic development sites for the City of Cumberland. Thus far, two have been studied. These are Baltimore Street (punctuated by a pedestrian plaza downtown) and Cumberland Plaza (home to the Roses department store).

In order to generate preliminary/draft recommendations, the study team conducted interviews, held focus groups, analyzed extensive amounts of demographic data, produced a retail gap analysis, considered several options including along the dimensions of parking and vehicular access, and contemplated issues of business viability and fiscal stability.

View large versions of each design concept here:

Option 1: Bike Path Only

Option 2: One-Way Traffic, No Parking

Option 3: One-Way Traffic, Street Parking

Option 3a: Cumberland Square Roadway Closure with Two-Way Cycle Track

Option 3a: Concept A

Option 3a: Concept B

Option 3a: Concept C

Option 4: Two-Way Traffic, No Parking

Option 5: Two-Way Traffic, Street Parking

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