Farewell Friend with John Dell at Loft 129

May 31, 2024 • 8PM - 10:15PM • Loft 129 - 129 Baltimore Street in downtown Cumberland

A special night of collaboration!

Farewell Friend, a captivating indie folk rock band rooted in North Carolina's musical scene, conjures a rich auditory canvas presenting a delicate sonic texture of recognizable and distorted folk rock and Americana. Helmed by the prolific songwriter, producer, and guitarist Tom Troyer, the band's hallmark lies in the intricate interplay between poetic storytelling and evocative instrumentation. Tom's introspective lyricism and soul-stirring vocals form the core, while their distinct fusion of acoustic and electric textures crafts a mesmerizing auditory experience. Noteworthy for their willingness to delve into uncharted emotional depths, Farewell Friend navigates themes of personal evolution, grief, and the human experience.

Jon Dell is an American songwriter, guitarist, and music educator. Currently based in Brooklyn, his latest release “I Love You & Wish You The Best” explores weighty topics such as terminal disease, lost love, second chances and most things in between. All this, while still maintaining his trademark gallows humor. The fact that his songs tread the line between dolor and blissful jubilance so well is a testament to Dell’s deftness as a storyteller and his uncommon sensibilities as a songwriter. Having played in bands since his early teens, he has played hundreds of shows coast to coast, sharing the stage with artists such as Charley Crockett, BJ Barham, Justin Wells, Wayne "The Train" Hancock, and many, many others. He is preparing for a deluge of tour dates in the spring of 2024, be sure to keep a weather eye open.

$12 advance tickets, $15 at the door

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